Clearwater Dolphin Trail

For this project we built an app aimed at tourists visiting the city of Clearwater by using a GIS based service called Click2Maps.  Here, we hosted a custom geographical map of Clearwater, which showcased the hundreds of commemorative dolphin statues across the city. Development lasted around three months, in which we faced significant challenges lowering the screen latency of the map given the hundreds of data points from the numerous statues. This app was built using the hybrid React and .NET framework for frontend and backend respectively. 


Exactech came to us requesting two apps to help streamline information for both their sales team and global network of surgeons respectively.  Chime is an app developed exclusively for orthopedic surgeons to facilitate collaboration worldwide. Dubbed ‘The Instagram for Surgeons’ users share and discuss surgical cases and stay up to date with Exactech’s product lines, events, and news.  Users are authenticated via two separate APIs: Okta Single-Sign-On, and ExactechGPS. This segmentation doubled our wireframing efforts as our UI/UX Designer III implemented separate user experiences for surgeons and Exactech employees alike. We envision a congruent model in order for employees and families, within the Family Mobile App, to interact.

Precision One

Modernized Mobile built a tele-health app aimed to assist patients during hospital visits. There is a feature which provides users an interactive augmented reality experience where users can view anatomical breakdowns of the human body. The process of creating these anatomically accurate 3D models was a tedious process using the software called blender. Blender creates models based on the COLLADA file structure which integrates with the Unity plugins for Xcode(iOS0 and Android Studios. We created a sophisticated admin panel that allows our client to continuously upload 3D models throughout the life of the app.

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